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Double Deep Rack is a high density type of Pallet Storage System that offers selectivity when it is compared to a Drive-In Rack System. Pallets are densely stored in bays 2 deep and there is no driving into the System to store and retrieve pallet loads. This type of a System stores and retrieves pallets from the same aisle in a last-in, first-out order making Double Deep Rack ideally suited to operations that maintain a large quantity of multiple SKUs (stock keeping units). Normally, the same SKU and/or lot number is stored in a lane because every lane operates independently of the other lanes within the same bay.

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Accessories Illustrated

Reinforced Aisle Column Additional column welded to the frame which increases strength and minimizes forklift abuse.
Full Depth Crossbars Formed steel “full depth” to prevent misplaced or undersized pallets from falling through a beam level.
Heavy-Duty Horizontal Strut Larger horizontal strut welded to the frame which adds rigidity and minimizes forklift abuse.

Accessories Not Illustrated

Guardrail Formed steel that provides the maximum coverage and protection on row ends and in tunnels against forklift abuse.
Column Protectors Formed steel that provides protection to the frame column against forklift abuse.
X-3 Internal Brace Structural angle welded inside the aisle column which increases bending resistance and minimizes forklift abuse.
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