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Sales Professionals
Our Sales Professionals will meet with you and your team to discuss various concepts to solution your storage and picking needs. We realize that together as a team we can design and engineer a System to meet your unique requirements.

Design Engineers
Our Design Engineers will create detailed drawings illustrating the exact equipment to be supplied. We realize that by creating drawings exactly like the equipment is to be manufactured, potential errors that may occur during the installation process will be eliminated.

Project Managers
Our Project Managers will be assigned to your specific project to work closely with you and your team from scheduling equipment deliveries to overseeing the installation process. We realize that a majority of our projects require an ISS Project Manager at your job site to insure that the equipment will be installed according to our strict installation standards.

Customer Service Representatives
Our Sales Professionals and Project Managers will remain in constant contact with you and your team members to insure that everyone involved is satisfied with the project from equipment quality to the installation completion date. We realize that our commitment to your satisfaction will be met only by keeping our team involved with you during the entire project.

Installation Of Equipment
ISS will select only quality installation crews that meet our strict installation standards and that are safety certified in the erection of storage and picking equipment. Additionally, we realize that a majority of our projects require an ISS Project Manager at your jobsite to coordinate the installation process. This project manager is the leader of this team from inventorying equipment deliveries, setting up prototype sections for your approval, to monitoring the installation schedule until the project has been completed to your satisfaction.

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