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Cantilever Rack is a type of Storage System that has no aisle frames to obstruct the storage of long or bulky items such as lumber, furniture, or tubing. Arm elevations are easily adjustable to accommodate any bundle size. A range of sizes, gauges and accessories are available to solution your requirement.

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Accessories Illustrated

Arm Stops Steel plate welded to the arm to contain bundles that may possibly spill into an aisle.

Accessories Not Illustrated

Fixed/Wrap Around Entry Guides Structural angle secured to the floor that wraps around the row end and allows easy entrance into the aisles.
Spring Loaded Entry Guides Structural steel with springs secured to the floor at the row end to allow easy entrance into the aisles.
Floor Angle Guidance Structural angle secured to the floor to contain and guide order pickers down the aisle and protect the rack from damage.
Decking Supports Support steel between arms and bases to support wood or steel decks.
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