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Multi-Level Rack Pick Module is a high density type of Storage and Picking System that has multi-levels and utilizes first-in/first-out rotation of pallets and/or cartons by using gravity flow to bring product from the stocking aisle to the picking aisle of the System. This type of a System increases full case and/or split case order picking productivity by minimizing the walking distance between items picked and maximizes valuable warehouse space.


Accessories Illustrated

Pawl Anti-backup device installed in tracks to prevent pallets from being pushed into a forklift aisle.
Reinforced Aisle Column Additional column welded to the frame which increases strength and minimizes forklift abuse.
Rear Impact Plate Steel plate welded in shelves to minimize the abuse of plastic wheel tracks at the entry end of the shelf.
Heavy-Duty Horizontal Strut Larger horizontal strut welded to the frame which adds rigidity and minimizes forklift abuse.

Accessories Not Illustrated

Guardrail Formed steel that provides the maximum coverage and protection on row ends and in tunnels against forklift abuse.
Column Protectors Formed steel that provides protection to the frame column against forklift abuse.
X-3 Internal Brace Structural angle welded inside the aisle column which increases bending resistance and minimizes forklift abuse.
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